Multiple Teams · Soccer concession stand sign up– Updated (twice) 2/3/2019

If you want to add your name to the sign up sheet for concession, please email Coach Calvert to be put on the list. The schedule/ sign up sheet is available at the link below. This year we are giving supporter shield scarves to volunteers that work four games.

The three days that are completed shaded blue are the Saturdays of the Trojan Cup. These days will take more workers as we will have games all day.

If your name has not been added or is misspelled, please contact Coach Calvert

2/3/2019 Update: I realized there were a couple problems with the original sign up sheet. First, the Saturdays for the Trojan Cup tournaments will require different shifts than the original sign up sheet. I have created a separate sign up sheet for those games and attached it below. Please volunteer to work those days as they are a big source of revenue for our program. Second, the shift times for middle school games were wrong. Those game start at 5:00/ 6:00 and have 25 minute halves. I have changed the sign up sheet to reflect the correct shift times for those games (highlighted in yellow). If you were originally scheduled to work a MS game or a Saturday of the Trojan Cup, please check the schedule and contact Coach Calvert if you need to change your scheduled time. 

Lastly, thanks to everyone that has already signed up to work concessions. We almost have the entire season schedule filled. 


Trojan Cup Saturdays concession sign up