Boys Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · 2019 Soccer All Star Game Rosters Announced

The following players were selected for the 2019 Georgia High School All Star game at Lamar County. The all star games will take place on Saturday, June 8 at Trojan Field in Barnesville.  The address for the field is 100 Burnette Rd, Barnesville, Ga 30204.

Registration and fees:  Please arrive around an hour early to check in, register, and get your jersey. Registration costs are $40 per athlete and checks should be made out to Lamar County High School.  (Normally, your school team will pay the registration fee. Check with your  high school coach.)

Uniform attire: white socks, game shorts (navy blue or black), jerseys will be provided at the field. Goalkeepers may wear any outfit they choose.

Paperwork: There are a few documents that need to be completed. You can access the documents here. Complete them, and email them to by June 5. These documents include a liability waiver, biographical information to be given to college coaches in attendance, and some information about you to share with the spectators at the game.

If your name appears below, please RSVP and confirm your spot by June 5 .

Click here for the boys RSVP form.

Click here for the girls RSVP form.

Roster for the 9AM girls all star game

Number Name Position School Team Confirmation
1 Taylor Shaw Goalkeeper Stockbridge Red  YES
2 Maykia Jones Defender Spencer Red
3 Alexis Spires Defender Peach County Red  YES
4 Defender/ Midfield Red
5 Arlie McCranie Defender Berrien County Red    YES
6 Emily Higdon Defender/ Midfield Temple Red   YES
7 Claudia Brown Defender/ Midfield Franklin County Red   YES
8 Maddie Harper Midfield Berrien County Red   YES
9 Alaina Cato Midfield Lamar County Red   YES
10 Midfield Red
11 Hannah Callahan Midfield/ Forward Franklin County Red   YES
12 Midfield/ Forward Red
13 Mercedes Trejo Forward Temple Red   YES
14 Forward Red
15 Forward Red
16 Hailey Hadsell Forward Lamar County Red  YES
Number Name Position School Team Confirmation
1 Emily Carter Goalkeeper Vidalia White   YES
2 Defender White
3 Defender White
4 Briana Spear Defender Shaw White  YES
5 Emilee Williams Defender Hart County White   YES
6 DeYonna Byrd Defender Jordan White
7 DonA Traylor Defender/ Midfield Lamar County White  YES
8 Marissa Murray Defender/ Midfield Putnam County White
9  Riley Hammock Midfield  Vidalia White YES
10 Jordyn Brock Midfield Shaw White  YES
11  Tatum Michael Midfield  Upson Lee White  YES
12 Skylar Bedgood Midfield/ Forward Lamar County White  YES
13  Isabella Velasco Midfield/ Forward  Upson Lee White
14 Iniyah Walker Forward Lamar County White   YES
15 White
16 Madison Fortner Forward Lamar County White  YES



Roster for the 11AM boys all star game

Number Name Position School Team Confirmation
1 Alex Lyle Goalkeeper Armuchee Red  YES
2 Max Wall Goalkeeper/ Defender Lamar County Red
3 Kade Mote Defender Eastside Red
4 Jonathan Sorrell Defender Jones County Red
5 Patrick Dupree Defender Armuchee Red  YES
6 Tyler Dean Defender/ Midfield Vidalia Red  YES
7 Luke Giordano Midfield McIntosh Red
8 Jackson Shiver Midfield Temple Red   YES
9 Daniel Hicks Midfield Jones County Red
10 Darrell Brown Midfield  Columbus Red  YES
11 Derek Martinez Midfield Locust Grove Red
12 Hunter Mathis Midfield Armuchee Red   YES
13 Macari Coleman Midfield/ Forward Temple Red   YES
14 Jackson Jolley Forward Eastside Red   YES
15 Seedy Bojang Forward Woodland Red   YES
16 Forward Red
Number Name Position School Team
1 Jack Hester Goalkeeper Columbus White   YES
2 Jonathan Lupian Goalkeeper Peach County White  YES
3 Jaemon Adkins Defender Madison County White
4 Daniel Perez Defender Peach County White   YES
5 Mauricio Centeno Defender Central Carroll White
6 Victor Munoz Defender Hart County White   YES
7  Julianh Miranda Defender/Midfield  Columbus White  YES
8 Eric Bravo Midfield Madison County White  YES
9 Landon Dougherty Midfield Madison County White  YES
10 Carl Owen Midfield Columbus White   YES
11 John David Hodges Midfield Vidalia White
12 Enos Odihiambo Midfield Eagles Landing White   YES
13 Omar Galarza Midfield/ Forward Atkinson County White   YES
14 Kevin Gomez Midfield/ Forward Lamar County White
15 Renso Escobedo Forward Hart County White
16 Forward White

Roster for the 1PM girls showcase game

Number Name Position School Team Confirmation
1 Kara Smart Goalkeeper Peach County Blue
2 Roxana Sanchez Defender Peach County Blue  YES
3 Destiny Lord Defender Temple Blue   YES
4 Defender Blue
5 Karry Hatfield Defender Lamar County Blue   YES
6 Brittany Brownlee Midfield Walker Blue
7 Jordyn Brock Midfield Shaw Blue  YES
8 Megan Freeman Midfield Shaw Blue   YES
9 Hannah Sikes Midfield Vidalia Blue  YES
10 Tatum Calloway Midfield Vidalia Blue  YES
11 Keytlin Borjas Midfield/ Forward Spencer Blue   YES
12 Madelynn Peacock Midfield/ Forward Putnam County Blue   YES
13 Kaylah Grammer Midfield/ Forward Lamar County Blue    YES
14 Forward Blue
15 Blue
16 Blue
Number Name Position School Team Confirmation
1 Kelsie Stapler Goalkeeper Villa Rica White   YES
2 Carolin Brown Defender Villa Rica White   YES
3 Ashlym Jenkins Defender Columbus White  YES
4 Michelle McLeskey Defender Lamar County White   YES
5 Stephanie Lopez Defender/ Forward Jordan White   YES
6 Itzel Cruz Defender/ Forward Jordan White
7 Evelyn Landeros Midfield Jordan White   YES
8 Makhala Stafford Midfield Temple White   YES
9 Genesis Santiago Midfield Jordan White   YES
10 Jennifer Tafoya Midfield Stockbridge White
11 Midfield/ Forward White
12 Paige Bryan Midfield/ Forward Hart County White   YES
13  Olivia Odom Forward  Upson Lee White  YES
14 Kailinya Elom Forward Stockbridge White
15 Imani Thompson Forward Stockbridge White
16 White



Roster for the 3PM boys showcase game

Number Name Position School Team Confirmation
1 Jackson Hamby Goalkeeper Eastside Blue YES
2 Bryson Higdon Goalkeeper Temple Blue  
3 Kimari Underwood Defender/ Midfield Dutchtown Blue  
4 Justin Wilson Defender/ Midfield Union Grove Blue YES
5 Ricky Vaughn Defender/ Midfield Central Carroll Blue YES
6 Anu Afon Defender Dutchtown Blue  
7  Sean Carter Defender  Woodland Blue  
8 Drorys Cirius Defender Temple Blue  
9 Creighton Goermer Midfield Eastisde Blue YES
10 Edbeel Esquivel Midfield Dutchtown Blue  
11 Dylan Gregory Midfield/ Forward Spalding Blue  YES
12 Roman Galan Midfield/ Forward Peach County Blue  YES
13 Rene Galan Midfield/ Forward Peach County Blue  YES
14 Anthony Lee Forward Eastside Blue  
15 Xavier Ward Forward Dutchtown Blue YES
16 Christian Encarncion Forward Sprayberry Blue  
Number Name Position School Team Confirmation
1 Max Alfano Goalkeeper Hart County White YES
2 Daniel Perez Goalkeeper Woodland White  
3 Orlando Lopez Defender Coosa White  
4 Ethan West Defender Jones County White  
5 Derek Alexander Defender/ Forward Woodland White  
6 Kingson Mckenzie Defender/ Midfield Langston Hughes White YES
7 Christian Barber Defender/ Midfield Vidalia White  YES
8 Derek Mitchell Defender/ Midfield Woodland White
9 Yash Brahmbhatt Midfield Eagles Landing White YES
10 Trevor Bachelor Midfield Jones County White  
11 Brandon Cervantes Midfield Peach County White YES
12 Juan Carlos Barajas Midfield Peach County White YES
13 Steven Tete Midfield/ Forward Hapeville Charter White YES
14 Angello Sanon Midfield/ Forward Newnan White  
15 Kevin Cervantes Midfield/ Forward Peach County White YES
16 Jorge Lopez Forward Coosa White YES
17 Simon Wilson Forward Armuchee  White  YES